Wireless Data Communications B.V. started its operation as a wireless Internet service provider in 2001 in Curacao.  The founder, Carlton Legrand, had a vision of a wireless community and thus promoted the wireless lifestyle where all your fixed resources would work with your mobile ones.  Thus he started the wireless revolution of Curacao.

In 2010, Carlton Legrand noticed the growing need to boost the Curacao economy by motivating local entrepreneurs to invest in the local market. This became a passionate affair for Carlton since he was also a young ambitious entrepreneur who had a vision of a wireless Curacao.

As an entrepreneur  Carlton understood the struggles and started to help others to realize their entrepreneurial dreams and thus started to help and/or  finance projects.  The organization grew and offered very affordable means to plan, finance, develop and deploy several companies and help guide these companies to success.

In order to make an impact on our economy WDC and Carlton is looking to greater and more impactful projects to start in Curacao.  The idea is to motivate locals to think and act "big".  We can do it if we believe that "Yu di Korsou Por" (#YDKpor).

WDC teams with group of companies working in a symbiance relationship to provide the out of the box solution catered to you needs.  So, Contact us today to see how we can help you grow...

Contact us at Tel: +599-9-520-7955, E-Mail: info@wdcbv.com