Who Are we?


Wireless Data Communications B.V. is an innovative company at the forefront of technology offering you the opportunity to enhance your marketing efforts and increase client retention through our Business Application platform.  WDC has compiled the best of the best features to provide your company with the most effective online marketing, loyalty, 2-way communication and rewards program on the market.  


What Can We Do For Your Business?


WDC is in the unique position to offer you:

  1. 1. a way to market your product and reach more people at an affordable price
  2. 2. a way to keep in contact with your clients without additional costs
  3. 3. a way to provide loyalty points to returning clients
  4. 4. a way to reward the client in a way that will keep them coming back
  5. 5. a custom application that will be your strorefront in the palm of your client's hand



Contact us today to discuss the best fitting application for your business that will fit into your budget.



Some of our clients are:


Pizza Hut app                                                     Click here to open Pizza Hut app                     Privacy Policy


SUBWAY Curacao app                                    Click here to open Subway app                Privacy Policy


DIAMOND's Craft & Party app                     Click here to open Diamonds app            Privacy Policy

Wireless Data Communications B.V.

Contact us at Tel: +599-9-520-7955, E-Mail: info@wdcbv.com